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How to Tell the Differences Between Sofa Styles

How to Tell the Differences Between Sofa Styles

Your sofa is a big part of your home décor and not all sofas are the same. Consider your options and look for the differences between sofa styles when shopping for your next sofa:

The Classic Chesterfield
The Chesterfield sofa is a timeless favorite that features deep tufting, high arms, and typically rich upholstery. These create a dramatic silhouette in a room, and are usually positioned in more-formal spaces of the home.

The Lounging Lawson
The Lawson sofa is designed more for comfort than looks. It is recognizable by its loose back-cushions, higher-arms, and similarity to the English roll-arm sofa. Both are built for casual, comfortable spaces.

The Streamlined Tuxedo
Modern spaces typically are the best spots for Tuxedo sofas. These are modern, square-armed options that take up a little-less space than the vintage Chesterfield style and bring a fresh, chic look to the home.

An Elegant Camel-Back
It is hard to miss the Camel-Back sofa when you see it; it is elegant and ornate, featuring a curved hump along the back-rest. This back-rest is typically upholstered though it may be accented with intricately-carved wood trim.

Other Sofa Options
Not sure which sofa is for you? Consider some other contemporary options:

  • Couch. A sofa and a couch are not the same thing. A couch is a French Victorian furnishing while a sofa is derived from Arabic and refers to a bench covered with cushions.
  • Sectional sofa. A sectional sofa seats a lot of people, so it is great in larger homes or for owners that entertain.
  • Sleeper-sofa. A sleeper-sofa is designed to contain a bed of some sort, so it is often heavier and bulkier than other options.
  • Reclining sofas. A reclining sofa is intended to accommodate multiple users, often with reclining mechanisms on either end.

Choices, choices, choices; choosing the right sofa is a big decision. Consider your lifestyle and personal preferences before shopping online or in local retailers for a sofa that becomes the crown-jewel of your home!

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